Wall Street’s volatile market run is entering its second year now, with growth stocks suffering another selloff after the previous two severe trading drops since March of last year. But this selloff is a little different.

The decline this time around is much deeper and is driven by rising interest rates. It’s also driven by the decline of COVID19 and the increasing pace of the vaccine rollout worldwide. That means that many growth technology stocks which have provided safe haven for investors over the past 12 months are beginning to feel real pain. Though many analysts and investors predict this pain will be short-lived.

Once the selloff is over though there will be an uptick in business which will be led and championed by COVID19 recovery stocks. The main industry to benefit from the recovery is looking to be travel, with multiple companies this month including Boeing, Royal Caribbean and United all experiencing an uptick in positive 12-month price valuations.  This also means that those same companies are experiencing upward pressure in stock prices as well with investors looking to push those stocks higher with the purview of a return to international travel.

Other groups experiencing positive results include Hilton Hotels and the Mariott group in a similar vein. But this won’t be limited to just hotels, cruise ships and airlines. Other industries which are looking more and more bullish include rental cars (under the guise of AVIS) and technology travel stocks (such as Airbnb and Expedia).

Overall though the spend is a positive signal for travel which has suffered over the past 12 months from downward pricing pressure caused by negative future outlooks and negative quarter by quarter reporting. It also looks set to continue with many money managers recommending the stocks as the prime position to benefit from COVID19 recovery.