During July of 2019, Singapore Airlines announced a $50 million make-over and modernisation project of their SilverKris lounges at Changi Airport in Singapore. While progress on the project has been slowed by COVID-19, Singapore Airlines have claimed that the renovation is on track for a Q3/Q4 2020 opening.

Originally the lounge was slated for an opening before June 2020 and a spokesman for Singapore Airlines earlier released a statement claiming that the “project to renovate SilverKris Lounges at Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3 is ongoing.”

Singapore Airlines also intends to renovate the adjacent and world-class First-Class lounge during the second half of 2020 and the first half of 2021.

The updated SilverKris lounge, though, features a greatly expanded footprint and new designs. Visitors to the current SilverKris business lounge are being asked to trial the new furniture intended for the new lounge and provide feedback to staff. The new furniture is expected to include an extended table for drinks and business equipment and have AC/USB sockets located on the tabletop.

Singapore Airlines are additionally trialling what they’re referring to as their next-generation “productivity pods” which were introduced during their 2013 lounge updates. These new pods include more space, a taller wrap around partition and better soundproofing to help privacy for inhabitants.

Overall Singapore Airlines claims that their lounge revamp will increase the overall footprint of the SilverKris lounge by 30% and similarly increase the capacity of the lounge. The lounge features a centre full-service bar which doubles as a self-serve breakfast station during the morning hours. It also includes a café, a dining hall with both an Asian and International menu and including live stations of signature local delights.

“The new lounge promises a fresh look and feel that is modern yet homely while inspiring a sense of timeless elegance,” a Singapore Airlines statement reads.

“Each lounge will have carefully designed luxurious and intimate seating spaces suitable for both work and rest.”

With international travel still amid a shutdown, Singapore’s stringent shutdown process which was refined during the previous SARS outbreak has made it a model nation for many other nations, including Australia, for how they deal with the current COVID-19 crisis. As such and thanks to its fame for being an Asian travel and business hub, Singapore is presumed to be one of the first extended nations to have travel restrictions with Australia lifted in the COVID-19 pandemic aftermath.