• Exploring London

    Sep 2, 2019

    London has many different boroughs and neighbourhoods; each offering a unique experience of the city! Each time i visit London, I try to make sure I explore different areas and catch a few West End shows. Some of the most popular areas that we find worth a visit; Covent Garden: Covent Garden is one of the most popular areas of the city with some of the best theatres, fashion and beauty stores. Look out for Neal street which is a shoe lover’s wonderland. I loved visiting the stores of ladies UK fashion labels Hobbs and Karen Millen. My daughter loved… Read more »

  • Why more Australian businesses are going carbon neutral

    Sep 2, 2019

    Australians are famous for our vernacular, and we are proud of our Australianisms – “Does it pass the pub test?”, “Tall Poppy Syndrome” – while in sport, we are always supporting “the underdog”. Australians can also be proud of our local and state government entities, as well as businesses small and large who are rising to the challenge and gaining carbon neutral certification under the Australian Government’s National Carbon Offset Standard (NCOS). Since the inception of NCOS, over 50 organisations, 25 products and 6 buildings have been certified carbon neutral – meeting what I believe is among the highest standards for… Read more »


    Aug 19, 2017

    Over the years I have seen many travel policies, all varied and with one overall goal: to reduce travel costs for the business. To a senior management team, that would obviously be the expectation. But my questions is, what does a $50 saving on a flight really cost your business? An extra two hours waiting at an airport lounge means two hours away from family or friends. That is an indirect cost. Business travel should not be a line item on the budget that needs to be monitored. The core reason for flying your staff to these meetings, pitches or training is on the… Read more »